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Financial advisers need a proper structure for providing investment advice in order for that advice to be both consistent and of a high standard. iCubed will endeavour to help financial advisers grow their investment business and improve consistency by providing a robust structure and ongoing input to their investment process. 
Investment Process - create and maintain your own range of sophisticated, low-cost, risk-rated, multi-asset portfolios on your chosen platforms.
Investment Analysis & Reporting – communicating effectively with clients is an essential aspect of financial planning. iCubed provides a robust framework for communicating with and reporting effectively to clients that includes regular newsletters, fund and market commentary and investment policy statements.
Training and Consultancy - iCubed provides investment training and consulting services to financial advisers focusing on the implementation and monitoring of their investment philosophy and process including the creation of an investment procedures manual. 

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Our aim is to assist financial advisers in developing their investment advice process. We aim to be a thought leader and represent best practice for financial planning/ investment, designed to help financial advisers add value for their clients.

Investment Philosophy

iCubed assists Financial Advisory firms in documenting their investment philosophy. This provides much needed consistency to the financial advisers in the investment advice given to their clients. iCubed is not dogmatic in relation to what a firms investment philosophy should be. But it is a necessary first step in implementing a robust investment process.


Get in touch. We are here to advise and inform your investment strategy, so call or email us for more information.

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